Lebanon Fire Department

Public Education Division

The Public Education Division is responsible for education of fire and life safety to citizens of Lebanon and Lebanon schools, businesses and community organizations.

The Public Education Division has many tools and programs in which it deliver it’s message to the public. The members of Public Education put on demonstrations at all grade level schools, day care centers, senior citizen facilities, community organizations, and gives tours within our own fire stations.

There are many programs that the Public Education Division manages, here is a list of a few: School Fire Safety, Camp 911, Boone County Teen Academy, Community CPR & First Aid, Juvenile Fire Setter Program, Neighborhood Smoke Detector Program and smoke detector assistance.

We encourage the public to visit our fire stations, learn about protecting themselves from fire and injury, and get to know how the Lebanon Fire Department strives to make our community safer. If you are involved in any type of organization and may be interested in a deeper discussion about your safety and the safety of your children, please contact us to arrange a Public Education demonstration.

Call 765-482-8832 and ask for a member of the Public Education Division.

Youth Programs


The Lebanon Fire Department along with other Boone County emergency agencies hosts the academy & camp every summer. The youth who attend these programs are mentored by leaders of Boone County who teach leadership skills, teamwork, and help your child gain confidence. All of the young men and women will get to explore the emergency agencies hands-on. The Teen Academy is an intense program which is based on the academies attended by sheriff deputies and firefighters. The youth that attend the academy have a great time while gaining knowledge, self-respect and team management techniques.
Camp 911 is a more relaxed atmosphere for younger kids. Camp 911 is a unique day camp, all about having a great time with local police officers and firefighters as camp counselors.


The months throughout the school year are designated to providing fire safety information to all grades of the Lebanon School Corporation and all area child care agencies. Fire personnel will present a 20 – 30 minute fire safety presentation followed by10 – 15 minutes where students can explore the fire department apparatus at the school.
Firefighters are encouraged to stay and have lunch with the kids and enjoy their time at the school if it works into their scheduling.


Summer Splash is a 30 – 60 minute water program offered to the residents of Lebanon, mostly kids, during the hottest days of the year. An Engine or the Aerial will flow water and create a spray ground while children play. A quick fire safety discussion will be presented before and after Summer Splash. Summer Splash will usually take place around the Southside Park area.

Adult & Family Programs


Lebanon Firefighters will instruct students on CPR & First Aid. This course is accredited by the American Heart Association, and the certification is good for 2 years. The course is limited to 10 – 15 students and will consist of no longer than 6 hours of training. For more information and scheduling, contact the CPR Program at (765)485-3019.


Lebanon Firefighters will instruct students on fire extinguisher safety. There is a 15 – 30 minute video and lecture followed by a fire suppression demonstration, complete with a live burn and quick lecture. For more information and scheduling, contact us at (765)485-3019.


A working smoke detector in every home is the goal of this program. A free smoke detector is available to any resident of Lebanon and all you have to do is stop by one of the fire stations or simply give us a call. Residents who need assistance with installation, battery change, or inspection of a smoke detector can also call the station and request assistance. 765-482-8832


Because fire can grow and spread so quickly, having working smoke detectors in your home can mean the difference between life and death. Smoke detectors are the most effective early warning devices available to you and your family. Just having a smoke detector in your home cuts your chance of dying in a fire in half. The Lebanon Fire Department offers a free smoke detector and battery replacement to all residents of Lebanon. Around the week of Fire Prevention Week, on-duty firefighters will be going door-to-door in neighborhoods installing smoke detectors and batteries.

New smoke detectors and batteries are accepted to help fund this life-saving program.


The Lebanon Fire Department Fire Prevention and Inspection Division does offer home inspections at the request of the resident. We will offer recommendations to the homeowner on how to make their home as safe as possible. Let us help to make sure you and your family remain safe in your home!

If you or your organization would like to make a donation to our program, please call us at 765-482-8832

SOP for Tornado Siren Testing/Activation


To establish guidelines for activation of the Emergency Warning Sirens throughout the City of Lebanon. Warning sirens are to alert citizens of a severe weather event and prompt them to pursue further information via radio or television.


  1. Thunderstorm Warning: a severe thunderstorm has been detected by radar or a trained spotter
  2. Tornado Watch: conditions are favorable for tornadoes to develop.
  3. Tornado Warning: Means that a tornado has been sighted or a developing tornado is reported by trained spotters or indicated on Doppler radar.


The emergency warning sirens are to be tested during Severe Awareness Week in early March or when deemed necessary..

In the event of weather watches or warnings on the day of testing, testing will not be conducted and Boone County Emergency Communications will be notified. This cancellation may be made by either the Lebanon Fire or Lebanon Police Command Staff.

Sirens will be tested primarily from the Boone County Communications Center with the exception of during Severe Weather Awareness Week (early March) when both the Lebanon Fire Department and Communications Center will conduct a test.

When are the sirens activated

  • When Tornado Warning is issued for Boone County by the National Weather Service.
  • When a Public Safety Officer (Police, Fire, EMS, or EMA) reports a sighting of a funnel cloud or a Tornado.
  • If a tornado is confirmed on the ground in a neighboring county moving towards Boone County even if a warning is not yet issued by the National Weather Service.
  • When ordered by Mayor of Lebanon during declared emergencies, when appropriate.


All funnel cloud or tornado sightings are to be reported to the Boone County Communications Center immediately. The Communications Center will then activate the warning systems following the Fire/EMS Communications Protocol and all non-incident radio traffic regarding the storm will be broadcast on “EMA-OPS.”

Siren Locations:

  1. Washington St. and Meridian St
  2. Elm St. and Ryan St.
  3. Mt. Zion Rd. and Enterprise Blvd.
  4. St. Rd. 39 and Cox Ave.
  5. Indianapolis Ave. and Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds
  6. Grant St. and Elm St.
  7. Sam Ralston Rd. at Triangle Asphalt
  8. Lafayette Ave. at Kise Estates
  9. N. Lebanon St. at Northfield Shopping Center
  10. Elm Swamp Rd. and Elizaville Rd.
  11. Grant St. and Claiborne St.
  12. 3025 Indianapolis Road
  13. 2000 Indianapolis Road
  14. North of 150 South on John Shaw Road



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